Beautiful Hair is a Must


Beautiful hair is like our crown we hold everyday. Someone says woman has to wear nice hair and shoes to be pretty. I could add more to that LOL but will not do it. I want to share with you my great recipes and practices.

Nr.1 Castor Oil. Definitely this is the most powerful booster for your hair. I use it once per week. Prior washing my hair I put some of this oil on my head skin and leave for one hour.You need to wash your hair with shampoo 2 or 3 times to get rid of the oil as it is very sticky. The result is great though, with time your hair will get so much stronger and super shiny.

Nr.2 Apple Vinegar. After washing your hair with shampoo replace the conditioner or balsam with apple vinegar. You need few spoons of vinegar in a bowl of warm water to get the finest result. You will see the difference immediately as your hair is so much lighter after rinsing it with vinegar compared to chemical lotions.

Nr.3 Lush shampoo Montalbano. This shampoo bar is simply amazing. I used to love Ultimate Shine shampoo from Lush but you cannot get it in Hungary anymore. Montalbano shampoo bar is with lemon juice, olives and rosemary ! It makes your hair shine.




One thought on “Beautiful Hair is a Must

  1. I will definitely try castor oil! I’ve used coconut and jojoba as well – both work well. Just a tip – I was told in aromatherapy class to always wet your hair first, then apply the oil, let it sit for minimum 20 minutes wrapped in a towel and then wash it out. The oil soaks in better that way. Either way, these are great tips. Thanks Evi!

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