Clothing Swap Party


Ladies, I want to share with you this great idea, how to combine charity with fun. It is a clothing swap party. In the picture above,which was taken in mini swap party in my home this week, you can see my dear friends Andrea, Rita and Aniko. Thank you, Girls, for many wonderful pieces and great time, again.

I always have been fond of giving, but many times we are just too busy with ourselves and our lives, while giving and helping others is so important. We don’t even realize how much we help ourselves by helping overs. Simply there are many people who live in lack of material goods as they are not as lucky as we are.

Besides this we also help ourselves,  as this is a great opportunity for us to clean our wardrobes and get rid of old stuff. A perfect time to refresh our wardrobe. As winter comes and we fill our closets with warm clothes, it is a good time to review what is we do not need any more. However very likely these older golden pieces may still may be good for our mums, sisters, friends or simply any other lucky people out there.


First time I attended such a clothe swap party was a years ago at my friend Rita and since then as the seasons change it has been almost as a tradition that someone from our friends will organize such a party. We invite many friends, get wine and music and share the clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and basically anything between each other. Believe me, everyone will go home happy. Party is guaranteed. All the stuff which will be left from the party will go to the charity. Rita used to pass the remaining clothes to charity organizations in Transylvania, Andrea- to refugees and this time I will take it to Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta.


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