Christmas Tree Cake

Eva made this cake for us and we all adored it.It has a fantastic look and great for Christmas, birthday or any other celebration. It is very simple to make and  you can design any shape of it, just let your imagination fly.

What you will need:

  • 0,5kg biscuits
  • 0,25kg butter
  • 0,2l milk
  • 0,2kg  cane sugar
  • 3tbs cacao powder
  • 1  vanilla stick
  • 0,2l coffee or rum flavor (Eva prefers coffee)

For the top:

  • 0,15kg dark chocolate
  •  cake candies

What to do:

  1. Mince the biscuits. Then mix cacao and powdered vanilla stick to the biscuits.
  2.  Warm up butter, milk and sugar until sugar completely melts.
  3.  Then pour this warm mass into the biscuits and add rum flavor or coffee to it. Work this mass together very well.
  4. Then place and form this mass on the baking paper on the baking sheet. You can design any form you want. For Christmas it is nice to form a tree as in the picture, but you can make any form you wish. Then leave it in chilly place for and one to two hours.
  5. Break dark chocolate to the small pieces and warm it up until it melts above steam. Then pour it on the top of the cake surface equally. Then add any type of sugar candies for decoration.
  6. Let’s wait until the chocolate glaze cools down and then it is ready to consume.

Thank you Eva for this amazing tip. We simply love it. XOXO




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