Soul Reincarnation in Galyateto

When Christmas is over, we all feel a bit exhausted from eating and celebrating. January is a great time for detoxing our body and souls. In this blog I want to focus on the latter. What is what you can do to get your inner peace back on track. There is one and very clear answer. Go to the nature! My most favorite place in Hungary for this purpose is Galyateto. It is at 964 meter high, the third highest spot in Hungary located in the Marta mountains 100 kilometers away from Budapest.  You have a wonderful view from the top the mountain, beautiful forest and small village with very nice people. In winter you can ski there too, though I am not a big fan of that. I was staying in Hunguest Grandhotel which was great as it has quite extensive spa services and great real Hungarian kitchen. Pictures which you can see here were taken by me in autumn. I just loved walking around and taking pictures in the nature as it absolutely fascinating.

XOXO, Evelina

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2 thoughts on “Soul Reincarnation in Galyateto

  1. Hi Rita, yes definitely the place is good for the kids too. There is a mini zoo next to the hotel and playground where kids can play. Also I recall small pool for the kids in wellness area.


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