Anti-Aging Therapy For Real

I just had another birthday and even though the party was great, next day I felt one year older. I am not saying it is bad to feel the pressure of time sometimes. But only sometimes haha :). Then I arranged an appointment at  Emese, our wonderful cosmetician wizard, for my favorite anti-aging face therapy.  This is a very natural, harmless and effective face skin anti aging treatment. After applying this treatment your skin will look so much fresher, younger, minor wrinkles disappear and deeper ones will be so much less visible. The skin will get a natural beautiful glow.

The treatment starts with washing the face with Nutri Peptide fine fragrance cleaning gel. Then the face is being peeled with Ester- C rice silk peeling, which feels amazing as the peeling mass nicely melts into the skin and it smells great too. It nicely removes  dead skin cells and this is what makes the skin vivid and radiant.

Then we apply Radiofrequency treatment (sounds strange, but who cares if works) with the help of Plasma G. The surface of the gadget is warm and smooth, but it does not hurt the skin, instead it warms up the deeper cells of the skin and as a result the collagen and elastic fibers jump up. This is what makes the skin more elastic instantly and it remains like that for many days after as the skin keeps producing more collagen.

Next step would be massaging in Nutri Peptide Anti Aging booster gel into the skin with the help of Plasma G device through Electroporation treatment (oh dear, the language is becoming more and more challenging). This special gel boosts the impact of any other products which will be taken into the skin directly after usage of it. Electroporation treatment is the same treatment as mezotherapy but without pins. This is really big thing as with the help of electric energy the substance is taken to the invisible pore cells of the skin.  There are no side effects, no bleeding, no pain and the effect is instant. Simply awesome. Emese uses the following substances on me: Gigi Derma Anti Wrinkle, Derma Moisturizing, Derma Skin Balancing serums as well as MesoActive Mesolift Coctail , which assists in skin hydration functions.


To summarize, even though, yes  I got one year old, but believe me, that does not mean anything if your heart is young , you promote a healthy lifestyle and especially if you have a great cosmetician next to you. Thank you, Emese!


You can find Emese on Facebook or her website.




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