Be Curious. Not Judgemental.

If this would be a motto for all of us for at least one day it could transform so many negative things around us. Usually when we face someone who is not behaving in a way which is easily acceptable to us we judge them and we do that  immediately. I truly believe in the power of love and understanding. Through all these years  I learned that all the frustration, hatred, violence, jealousy and arrogance come from the lack of love. Everyone has been hurt at some point in their lives, usually we do not even recognize the source of pain as it is hidden so deep inside. And don’t forget that some people carry much heavier package than others. Some people go through war and violence, so no wonder if they behave differently.

Instead of immediately reacting to people and their “abnormal” behavior which triggers us, let’s give it a try. Let’s give some space to ourselves to understand who they are and why they behave in a certain way. It takes a lot of patience and sometimes time, I agree. Sometimes you will never get there, that is also truth. However I believe that merely sticking to the concept itself can open new gates. It can significantly lift our relationship with people around us, family and friends and also improve the relationship with ourselves.

Peace & Love.


This sweathsirt has been specifically designed to help refugees through project organized by Refugee Aid Association.




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