Making change in Peru academic world

I was so excited and happy to finally kick off with our IBM Corporate Service Corps assignment in Peru this Monday. 12 IBM professionals from all over the world have been selected for this assignment to share their expertise and skills to make a change in various areas of volunteering process and activities in Peru. With amazing cooperation with Peace Corps and Pyxera Global we have been assigned for 4 different project with TECHO, Ministery of Women and Vulnerable Populations and Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL) all located in Lima, Peru.

Our small team of three, Yoko Takano from Japan, Pankaj Khandelwal from India and myself, have been assigned for Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (USIL) project to work with Vice presidency of Corporate Social Responsibility of USIL Corporation to create a data management and communication IT platform to help university with recording, tracking and reporting on volunteering activities as well as improve process around corporate social responsibility area.  It is important to mention that this platform is a pilot and could be replicated to other universities and education institutions in Peru.

USIL team has been just amazing how they have welcomed us in the university. Fantastic, smart and very cooperative people. This week we have started with deep dive analysis and data collection on the issues around the current online tools and processes. The work has been challenging so far due to a large scope of topics and many stakeholders involved. We do also have to get all information translated from Spanish to English, which may take extra time sometimes.

Overall this is a very exciting project and we are very happy to work here in Lima, Peru with amazing people for a great cause and we are looking forward for the next three weeks as we go along. Keep you posted.

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